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Follow #5 - The Fine Print

by Brian Steller 

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Welcome to Calvary Church located in beautiful downtown Jacksonville, Oregon.


We are a culturally relevant church meeting in an historic building. Our desire is to help people discover healthy relationships with Jesus and others. If you're looking for an authentic place to belong where you can be yourself without feeling judged by others, or condemned by a church, we invite you to become a part of our family. Together we will make genuine relationships a reality.


We endeavor to create fun-filled and relevant environments where you and your family can be followers of Jesus in comfortable & practical settings.  There is something for everyone.




*KidZone   *Nursery   *SIPS Coffee Bar   *Practical Teaching   *Good Music  



*75 Minute Gathering

*Volume is Up, Lights are Down

*Modern & Upbeat Music

*Childcare & KidZone Provided

Weekly Connections...


7:00 PM Group Bible Study at the Steller's (postponed)


Mid-Week Bible Studies 


6:30 PM Women's Bible Study at Grandma Betty's House. Beth-Anne (541)415-4773


Pushing Life To The Limit - #2 Down Time

by Brian Steller 

Pushing Life To The Limit - #4 Re-ordering Your Finances God's Way

by Brian Steller 


Pushing Life To The Limit - #3 Quality vs. Quantity

by Brian Steller                               

For times, days, and descriptions please click the link below.

*60 Minute Gathering

*Lights are Up, Volume is Down

*Softer Music & Familiar Songs

*Children Welcome but Childcare  

 is Not Provided.

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Cost for your Lifetime Membership is $109 which includes: all class materials, online access for 1 year, EveryDollar Plus app for 1 year, and the ability to retake Financial Peace University for free in the future. Pastor Brian said "This class radically changed our financial situation & will help you change yours."  Sign-up now & plan to attend.  

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