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Mid-Week Bible Studies

Mid-week bible study in a small group is a great way for every Christian to study the Bible. Here you can share and discuss the observations you and others are learning. Our bible studies are designed to help you bring practical application in your personal life from God's word.  


We have two types of groups. First, is what we call the "triple-twenty" format.  The first 20 minutes involves reading an assigned portion of scripture. Then you will journal your thoughts for an additional 20 minutes. The last 20 minutes will be spent discussing the inspiring observations people have made. These groups are great for those who are self-starters and enjoy the journaling process. They typcally meet in coffee shops or restaraunts.  Second, is our Q&A format led by a facilitator. These groups meet in the comfort of a home and typically follow a series of questions that coorelate with the previous Sunday's message. This is a great way to dig into what was being taught and the discussion helps you apply the message to your life in practical ways.  


All of our groups are open to anyone who desires to grow their faith in Jesus Christ. No invitation is necessary and no sign-ups are needed. Just bring a bible and notepad cause you won't want to forget what you'll learn. If you are thinking about trying one of these groups, we recommend texting the group leader or giving them a quick call before you attend just in case the schedule or location changed for the week. Unfortunately, we cannot provide childcare during any of these times.   Below are the mid-week bible studies you can choose from.

Tuesday's at  10am

Triple-Twenty Format 


Pony Espresso

545 N 5th Street



Group Facilitator:

Frances (541)890-6745  


Saturdays at  9am

Q&A Format


Starbucks At Rogue Valley Mall Foodcourt

1600 N Riverside Avenue



Group Facilitator:

Daphne (541)973-7054 

Monday's at  6:30pm

Q&A Format 


Grandma Betty's Home

630 Applegate Street



Group Facilitator:

Beth Anne  (541)415-4873

Wednesday's at 7pm

Q&A Format 


Brian & Kimberly's Home

3287 Forest Avenue



Group Facilitator:

Brian (541)261-6272