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Life Change Bible Studies

Life Change Bible Studies are a solid way for every Christian to study God's Word, share observations of what you're learning, and make practical applications in your personal life within a small group setting.  


Below you can determine which location and time works best for you. No invitation is needed and no sign-ups are necessary. Simply show up to one of these locations with a bible, pen and some writing paper. Our study format is what we call "triple-twenty." The first 20 minutes involves reading a portion of scripture the group leader will provide. Then you will journal your thoughts for an additional 20 minutes. The last 20 minutes will be spent discussing the inspiring observations people have made.


Feel free to visit any or all of these Life Change Bible Studies.  Men and women of all ages are invited to any group and location. The important thing is that you find time to connect with God and with people who can encourage you to grow in your faith. If you'd like more information please contact Sherri.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide childcare during these times.

Tuesdays at  10am

Pony Espresso

545 N 5th Street




Email Group Leader:  Frances

Tuesdays at 6pm


In the South Fred Meyer Shopping Center

1303 Center Drive




Saturdays at  9am


Inside Rogue Valley Mall Foodcourt

1600 N Riverside Avenue



Email Group Leader:  Daphne