where relationships with God & people become a reality  





Our Strategy

to mind. For some, the images are healthy, but for others it may not be so great. However, God's idea of family is for each member to live in perfect harmony with each other.  That's what we desire at Calvary Church, to become a family that lives in harmony with one another. We do this by strategically targeting three objectives in everything we do:  


   1) Create ENVIRONMENTS for the Holy Spirit to work

        in people's lives.

   2) To develop leaders to work within those environments.

   3) Invite people to participate in those environments.


You might be wondering what kind of environments we are trying to create. If we were to liken the Church to a home, three major enviroments could be found: A foyer environment, a living room environment, and a kitchen environment.


The FOYER Environment is a place where every guest enters someone's home for the first time.  Sometimes its an awkward place for a guest because they're not sure what to expect or how to behave. We know there are times when guests are more likely to be present than other times. We want to protect the integrity of the "Foyer Environment"  by helping those who visit feel as comfortable as possible. Needless to say, there are specific things we do (and don't do) within this environment so our guests can feel comfortable time and time and time again. 


The LIVING ROOM Environment is where people become more acquainted with each other and begin to develop friendships. After all, it would seem rude to visit someone's house for dinner only to be left standing in the foyer all evening. The living room is a place to kick the shoes off, laugh, and have fun together. Its a place where friendships are found and developed. At Calvary Church we don't want our guests to feel like we left them standing at the front door. So we create "Living Room" environments where you can make new friends and foster healthy relationships with other people. 


The KITCHEN Environment is a time when the entire family gathers together to discuss family issues. It's when responsibilities are assigned, goals are set, discipline is maintained, and intimate discussions happen for the benefit of the entire family. This environment is especially important to maintain harmony with each other.  We believe everyone needs a family to belong to where facades come down, masks come off, and deep relationships are fostered for the benefit of God's plan for our lives.  The "Kitchen Environment" provides the greatest potential for people to grow in their faith journey because its the real-deal relationally.   


Each of these major environments build upon each other. All three are needed to maintain a healthy balance  within our Church. So we work hard at creating all three environments so the Holy Spirit can work in people's lives. As leaders are developed, we invite people to be part of these environments.


If you desire to be part of a family, we invite you to be our guest.  But  remember, our biggest desire is for you to become part of our family.