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What's The Music Like?

Sunday Morning worship  provides a well balanced mix of modern music with tasteful upbeat celebration.  Because our Sunday service is geared for our guests, we try to provide music that is culturally relevent with words that peolpe understand.  During this time of our service you can expect to clap your hands, see people raise their hands, and sing with joyful hearts.  We use music to help people focus on being thankful for what Christ has done for them.  Ultimately, we desire the Holy Spirit to work in our lives as a result of our worship efforts. 


Our instrumentation varies.  Sometimes, we have a full band, other times we offer a more simplistic & acoustical approach.   

There are lots of styles of worship.  We utilize modern songwriters such as Hillsong, Jesus Culture, Elevation Worship, and even some traditional songs with a modern flair. No matter what style of music we provide, our goal is the same:  To lift up the name of Jesus, sing His praises, and create an environment for the Holy Spirit to work in our lives.