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Can I Bring My Coffee?

Absolutely!!!  One of our core values is to be Culturally Relevant. When it comes to coffee, we understand how imporant this subject has become in our culutre. So we not only encourage you to bring your coffee with you, but if you're running late you can swing by our full-service espresso bar to purchase your favorite coffee drink at the church.  We have highly trained baristas who use the highest quality supplies to ensure you get exactly what you order.  
















More importanly, this coffee break is a great way to connect with people and make new friends.

In Fact, we think coffee is so awesome we actually take time in the middle of our service for a coffee break. This is an opportunity for you to acquire a free cup of brewed coffee or to  puchase an espresso drink. Either way, you'll have opportunity to satisfy your coffee needs before or during our gathering times.